Special LED Items™

Special LED Items™

Having intensive experiences in product manufacturing, we have been helping clients getting find led products originated from an idea of imagination. Clients are pleased with the style, electrical and optical performance of their desirable products which are not available in the market yet. Send us your enquiry to see if it can be led to a final product to your expectation .

Technical Specification


A 52cm tall candle light

 An illusminated red flame


LED type 



No. Of LEDs  

1 x 3W Led on a small aluminum PCB

35 x 0.2W LEDs on an “off-shape” PCB

Operating voltage

DC 12V / 24V

Power Consumption 




a) Sharp top to create a glowing effect
b) Sanded and gold-chromed body of
elegant look
c) Waterproof

a) Leds are properly positioned to glow
the flame up with even light
b) installation can be done within
c) All flames are of identical light


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