LED Neon Strip™

LED Neon Strip

Palicom LED Neon Strips are built with reliable LED strings extruded in hard silicon tube by single injection process to achieve higher IP. The highly populated LEDs arrangement in the lights simulates unified light performance like neon. Having made with constant current circuitry the strips deliver consistent light brightness for long length operation. It features a domed shape and particularly suits for applying to both flat and circular surfaces.

Technical Specification

LED Neon strip
Color White Red Green Blue Amber RGB
No. of LED 96/M or to customer's design 62/M
Type of LED 2835 5050
Operating Voltage 12V dc/24V dc
Power Consumption
5 W/M 4.5 W/M 5 W/M 12 W/M
Light Intensity per W 40 Lm 5 Lm 20 Lm 18 Lm
Dimension 16mm (W) X 15mm (H) X (L)
Domed shape

Operating Tempt @90% RH -40ºC to 60ºC
Rating CE, RoHs, IP67
Life Expectancy exceeds 50,000 Hours
Remark: Colored jackets are available


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